Pandemic Sketchbook: still life with mask

Still life with mask, charcoal pencil
Still life with mask, charcoal pencil

Grocery shopping during the pandemic requires a mask in New Jersey. Store shelves are often empty and some things are almost impossible to find. But this week, I found a bag of dried peas and the prize: a roll of toilet paper! I tried to draw this still life with a dramatic, raking light and very dark and light values.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Sketchbook: still life with mask

  1. Very evocative. Future generations might take your Pandemic Sketchbook to Antique Roadshow! Can you hear the family tell the story of their treasure and the appraiser relate the context and historical significance?

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    • Thanks! Hmmm, that’s something to think about. A friend told me I should write notes for my grandkids in the actual sketchbook, so I do that sometimes. Similar idea, I guess. Stay well❤️


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