Pandemic Sketchbook: walking around town

 3 Walking people
Wall Street Walks and Talks during Work from Home
Woman Walking a dog
Walkies: Dogs seem happy their owners are working from home

I started sketching scenes from my daily walks during the stay at home mandate. I spotted people taking work calls as they walked. Lots of dogs happily being walked many times a day. People waved and were friendly, while keeping at a six foot distance. Towards the end of the first week, I spotted police wrapping playground equipment in orange snow fencing and putting up yellow police tape to keep kids off the equipment. The mayor sent out an announcement that parks would stay open if people kept their distance, but playground equipment could carry some risk of transmitting the virus, so we were advised not to allow children to use them. That scene and the cawing crows in the trees made this a sobering moment as the virus began to spread from New York to New Jersey.

Police tape off playground equipment

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