Pandemic sketchbook

Still life of disposable gloves, face mask and liquid soap
Gloves, mask, and soap- Pandemic Sketchbook, watercolor and pencil

I started staying at home (social isolating, self-quarantine) on March 13, 2020, which was the day the schools closed in my town in New Jersey, USA. I also started a sketchbook to record my experiences of this pandemic around that time. My first drawing shows the disposable gloves and shop mask from my art studio. I wear them when I use pastels or spray fixatives, but now they take on a new meaning. I bought extra liquid soap in early March because we were being told to wash our hands often and well at that point. My drawing was meant to be funny, but it also seems to me in retrospect to be a bit menacing. At that point, we had no idea that the New York metropolitan area would become a world hotspot for the coronavirus. When I went to the drugstore for soap, there was no hand sanitizer in stock, which was a harbinger of shortages to come. A rumor was circulating on social media that hand sanitizer could be made from vodka and aloe. That was just the beginning of many unhelpful suggestions on social media. I drew the still life and posted it on social media with the suggestion that it would be better to just drink the vodka and admire the plant. Gallows humor is a way to deal with adversity and can be helpful or disrespectful depending on the viewer’s mood.

Bottle of vodka, aloe plant and martini glass
Vodka, aloe plant, and Quarantini, Pandemic sketchbook, watercolor and pencil

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