What’s in a name?

After months of dithering, researching, pondering, procrastinating, I finally bought my domain name for this WordPress blog/website. That means I went from a free WordPress site to a Personal Plan. The thing that drove me over the edge to paying actual money to blog (not much money btw) is that I hated those advertisements on the free version of the blog. The second reason is that my URL will not have the word ‘WordPress’ in it now. So when I tell people what my website address is, it is now artbyasdef.com not artbyasdef.wordpress.com. There were other decisions to make. There always are. That’s where the prolonged procrastination came in. I thought and thought about changing the name of my website to my actual name, but in the end I kept the artbyasdef because I sign my work ASdeF which are my initials.

So this is a big/little step in becoming a late- blooming artist. Next: business cards!

‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ (Juliet from ‘Romeo and Juliet’)

Below: a charcoal drawing of rooftops in Venice, Italy, as seen from my hotel room last Easter Week.

Venice rooftops charcoal drawingVenice rooftops