Pastel Landscape of Verona, Italy, part 2

My pastel landscape of a riverside park along the Adige River in Verona, Italy is almost done. Possibly really done. I’m not sure. When is a painting ever done? The painting has been ‘resting’ on its drawing board, swathed in glassine to protect it and out of sight, almost out of (my) mind on top of a large old wardrobe in my studio. Today, I decided to photograph it in a very down and dirty (impatient, unprofessional, please don’t make me get out a camera and tripod and Adobe Elements) kind of way. So here is a shot of this landscape. I think this is the shot where it was propped on my kitchen counter and not the one taken outside, leaning against the garage. I used a white foam board as back drop and late afternoon northern light illuminating the scene. I got confused on the HD/no HD and remembering to turn off ‘Live’ in my iPad. But anyway, until I get serious about this photographing my art thing, this will do. In the outside shot, the colors were prettier, but when I uploaded the images to this blog, both images looked the same. For the beginnings of this painting, from photograph to sketch, through various stages of putting down the color, see my previous post.

Pastel of Verona, Italy

River Adige, Verona, Italy, pastel