3 Time’s the Charm, or maybe not

What do you do with a burnt cake? Do you save the good bits, ice it prodigiously, and serve it anyway? Or do you toss it in the bin with a vengeful thump and cross that recipe off your list decisively? And what do I do with a painting gone very wrong? Here is the visual evidence of my recent attempts to paint a vase of flowers.

First try: ack!

Watercolor vase of flowers

First try vase of flowers

Second try: sigh
Vase of flowers

Can this painting be salvaged?

Third try: turn over the paper over from #1:
Watercolor flowers

Contestant #3

Okay, getting better, or at least it has potential. While I wait for it to dry, I go after Painting #3 with crayons and channel the Fauvists. Opposite colors adjacent to each other. And start stamping in patterns, because, why not?
The Fauve painting:

Watercolor flowers

Can I call this Fauvism or Fail?

Then I return to painting # 3 which I think of as the conventional, normal, pretty good/not bad ‘Vase of Flowers’ still life in watercolor only, and dab in some blocky brushstrokes with a square tipped brush to bring the painting out of its anemic state. 
Still life flowers

Still life flowers

So that’s it for now. The very bad, awkward #1 is hidden on the back of normal, conventional #3 and the wild beast #2 is masking attempt #2. I can live with either of these but the uncontrollable aspects of the medium tempted me to throw them all away. As for the ruined cake? I threw mine in the bin every year on my kids’ birthdays and drove frantically to a bakery to replace my awful cakes. After some years, I skipped the baking part and went straight to the bakery. But the funny thing is that my kids like talking about the awful cakes. We learn from our mistakes, plus they make some funny memories.